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16-centerpiece.jpg Sweet 16 Centerpieces Big 50-centerpiece BarMitzvah-Centerpiece
Guitar shape
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Sweet 15 Quince Sweet 16 Heart Centerpiece Candle
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Frequently asked questions:
What are these party table centerpieces made of?
2lb density white EPS foam
(Much stronger than insulation foam which is less than 1lb)

How big are these birthday centerpieces?
The centerpiece designs are within 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide

How will they look when decorated?
Simple paint includes one color front & back, & a second color for the base
The edge of the letters & numbers are unpainted for contrast

Paint & Glitter includes one color glitter front & back on the centerpiece
& the base is painted a second color

What colors can I get?
Paint colors: Pink, Silver, Purple, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Gold, Green, Yellow
Glitter colors: Pink, Silver, Black, Red, Gold, Blue
If you are ordering paint or paint & glitter, EMAIL ME your color choices

Can I get a person's name on a birthday centerpiece?
YES! Custom Centerpieces Click Here

How long does it take to get a custom centerpiece?
Turn around time is two weeks after receiving payment.

Do you have any other centerpiece designs?
YES! Click to or
For your Candle Lighting Ceremony

If you're having a Hollywood party, check out

If you have any other questions just email me

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