Laser engraving services for electrical contractors in the USA
Permanent marking of: electrical cover plates, switch plates, outlet covers
control panels, stainless steel parts, anodized aluminum parts,
tool identification, machine and motor spec plates, electric sign plates,
acrylic parts, wood, and stone.

The photos below show examples of engraved cover plates.
Just tell us what letters or numbers you need.

Your stainless steel wall plates will never chip or peel or wipe off
100% guaranteed.
Just don't take an angle grinder to them- that will void the warranty.

engraved stainless wall plate duplex one gang engraved one gang toggle plate engraved decorator wall plate
stainless two gang toggle plate engraved decorator wall plate engraved duplex outlet covers engraved
outlet covers engravedswitch plates engraved


Before you ask, please read the top 6 things we absolutely refuse to laser engrave:

6. Live animals - they generally don't hold still
5. Jello - It also doesn't hold still... it wiggles
4. Insects - you guessed it - they won't hold still. Remember the movie "The Fly" ?
3. Zippo or any lighters already filled with lighter fluid
2. Live Ammunition - There's a bullet with someone's name on it but seriously -
1. And the number one thing that I absolutely refuse to engrave is...
anything which contains spelling or grammar mistakes
(unless you intentionally wanted them)
because, after all, laser markings are pretty much permanent.

There's other really bad ideas for things to laser engrave
like match books, magicians flash paper, sticks of dynamite,
PVC plastic (it emits an acidic & corrosive gas)
but to find out if we can engrave or cut YOUR materials, just ask