D e s i g n  &  C u t t i n g  S e r v i c e s

What's so great about these
Raised Dog Feeders?

You may have to ask the dogs...

Rusty & Sandy would tell you
it's just so much more comfortable

(Their owner likes the waterproof, removable tops
which she can clean right in the sink)

Clue & Toby love it that they
don't have to share their food bowls
(Their owner likes having a cleaner floor)

Preston never did like eating from
that cold tile floor

(his owner likes how his raised dog feeder
matches the woodwork in the kitchen)

You can easily remove the top of these raised dog feeders.
This allows you to clean the waterproof top in your sink.

The bases are about 12 inches tall.
They include two 2 quart stainless steel bowls.
Shipped flat and easily assemble within 60 seconds.

Raised dog feeders from are so popular
even dogs in Beverly Hills 90210 have ordered them!

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