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Fill in the requested info and enclose payment.
Mail to: DesignCutters   840 Gerald Ave   South Elgin  IL   60177

DELIVERY TIME: We ship USPS Priority Mail about two weeks after receiving your order
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STOCK Centerpiece examples - indicate what style you like below:
Paint colors: pink, purple, silver, gold, black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow
GLITTER colors available: Pink, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold

How many____

How many____
How Many____
How Many____

How Many____
How Many____

Please send me unpainted, IN-STOCK centerpieces:
  1 with a base, $20.00 INCLUDING PACKING/SHIPPING                               _______________
  2 to 12 each with a base, $16.00 EACH INCLUDING PACKING/SHIPPING    _______________
  13 to 24 each with a base, $13.00 EACH INCLUDING PACKING/SHIPPING  _______________
  25 to 48 each with a base, $11.00 EACH INCLUDING PACKING/SHIPPING  _______________
Glitter is $10.00 each centerpiece ___________________________________________________
Paint (no glitter) is $5.00 each centerpiece ___________________________________________
I have enclosed a check or money order for __________________________________________

Do you need your centerpieces shipped to a DIFFERENT address?
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