Foam Letters,
Styrofoam Shapes
Foam Numbers, Oversized Letters

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Styrofoam letters, styrofoam shapes, foam letters, foam numbers, styrofoam alphabet

• Styrofoam Shapes • Foam letters
• Styrofoam numbers

• Dimensional letters • Personalized Room Decor
• Styrofoam Guitar Shaped Centerpieces
• Centerpieces • Candleabra Centerpieces

DesignCutters will cut your
styrofoam shapes, styrofoam letters
foam numbers and centerpieces
almost any size you can imagine.

Why get individual square letters when
you really want connected letters like these...

foam letters, script styrofoam letters, styrofoam names

• You choose from almost any Windows font

• Our White EPS foam is stronger and
more smooth than store bought foam insulation

• Paint it yourself with any water based latex
house paint or acrylic craft paints or...

If you're not good at painting or don't have time,
it's no problem - I can do it for you!

Just email me now so we can
get started on your project right away!

Please include the following information:
• What letters or numbers do you need?
• What size do you want?
styrofoam letters cut to size
• Do you want a particular letter style?
• What thickness of foam - 1/2", 3/4" or 1 1/2"
• Do you want unpainted foam or painted or glittered?
• When do you need them?

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